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I was in email contact with a Joseph (former owner) for many communications in 2011 for my first experience with Ostomy Pockets. My son, an Autistic man now aged 51, had come through surgery  to remove his colon and we had our first contact with anyone we knew well who had an ostomy. I am in Canada, Vancouver area, and have the good fortune to be near to an clinic for those with an ostomy problem.  But I had not seen the pockets anywhere in 2011 but found them online. At that time I ordered several of the pockets and I am pleased to tell you that they have been in constant use since January or February 2011. They are amazing still!!! I put them into his underwear and pajamas and any time I have to remove them as garments get used up, or are a different size needed now or whatever reason,when I put them into new garments they still turn out just fine after many launderings of the items.  Yes, sometimes I have had to use a mallet or hammer to close them over the fabric, but no matter, they are still just great. I commend you for  continuing to make them available . I remember  Joseph and if he was one of your relatives, he would be pleased today I am sure!!

Lorna Temlett 4-17-2016


I want to share with you that I have been wearing the bag on the outside of my underwear, with the strip on the inside! I noticed that helps “things” (haha) flow down to the bottom of my bag easier! I wear it to bed also, on my pajama bottoms! It sure is nice to know the bag won’t be flopping around when I turn at night! The bags I wear have a very sharp plastic edge at the bottom! This product stops it from digging into my leg. I was trying to rig something up myself but it kept falling off :)!

It’s a great product! Thank you for selling it! I will recommend it to the people on the ostomy site that I am on!

Dianne 10/21/15

I really love my “pockets”,it’s much more comfortable not having the bag on my skin.I have given your info to a few people.  The snaps are hard for me to snap,but my husband does it, being able to leave them on for washing is a bonus.
Glad you came up with the idea.
I would recommend the bags to any one,nobody can tell you are wearing them.

Nadine 10/12/15

              I love my OstomyPockets.  They provide great support and ease of mind,.  It makes my life much easier.


I was very impressed how this product works. I attached it to my underwear and when I needed to empty my bag, it just went down with the underwear. This allowed me to empty my bag thoroughly. When I was done, I just pulled up my underwear and placed the bag in the pocket. That’s it, really easy and comfortable. Great idea!

–Mr. M.

I like it so much I have 3 pair with the pockets attached. They remain on through the washer and dryer as suggested in the company documentation. I change my bag usually every 4 days and it is nice that the pocket is on the underwear already. Just makes it simpler. Thanks.

–Mr. J.

I purchased the pocket at Mark Drugs in Wheeling and I was impressed how easy it was to snap on my underwear. I told him it was for my uncle and he wears his bag on an angle. The sales manager Allen gave me a personal demo showing me how easy it was to mount on any angle. I was sold. Great Job!

–Mr. Jerry M.

I can only say it works GREAT and have had no issues. Love it.


This has made my life a lot more comfortable. I only wish someone would have come up with it sooner. Thanks for the suggestion of leaving them on the underwear for washer and dryer. I will be ordering 3 more.


I have had an ileostomy since I was 9 years old in 1963 and wear Convetec two piece pouches. Your product is the first “pouch cover” that I have tried that is effective for both comfort and security. Thank you for developing this product.