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$19.95 USD each plus S&H

Shipping & Handling Fees within Continental U.S.:OstomyPockets packaging in white, black and beige

  • 1-3 qty–$4.50
  • 4-6 qty– $5.50
  • 7 & up — $8.00

Shipping and Handling Fees to Canada:

  • 1-3 qty–$9.95 USD
  • 4-6 qty–$12.95 USD

Please Note: On orders outside the U.S., buyer is responsible for duties and/or taxes if applicable.

Other International Countries: Please contact us at info@ostomypockets.com for shipping and handling rates.

Return Policy 30 day money back guarantee (shipping not included).

OPBe1Beige OstomyPocket
OPBlk1 Black OstomyPocket
OPWh1White OstomyPocket

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