Dirty surfaces? Lack of space? Feel like you don’t have enough hands? Sound familiar when changing your ostomy bag in a public restroom? There is a solution.
Did you know that OstomyPocket by B-Lo Solutions can be your helping hands?
Changing an ostomy bag in a public restroom can pose many challenges. More times than not public restrooms are not as hygienic as one would like–to put it mildly! It usually takes a separate handicap bathroom in order to have a sink and maybe a counter. If a separate handicap bathroom is not an option, you’re faced with a handicap stall or, even worse, a regular stall. In this case, the only place to set your supplies down is on the lid of the toilet tank. But wait, that’s not always an option as many public toilets don’t even have the tanks. You know the toilets I’m talking about…white bowl, black seat, chrome pipes, lever flush handles or automatic flush sensors that flush when you don’t want them to (many times) and don’t flush when you do want them to!!
So how do you juggle your ostomy supplies while changing or emptying your pouch in a public restroom?
Look no further than OstomyPockets for the solution. The OstomyPocket attaches to lightweight undergarments. Your ostomy bag fits into the OstomyPocket to hold and support your bag. When you remove your ostomy bag from your OstomyPocket for emptying or changing, the OstomyPocket (still attached to your undergarment) will be empty; and, therefore, ready to hold your ostomy supplies, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, air freshener (Poo-Pourri is great!), etc.–see photo above.  Since the OstomyPocket remains attached to your undergarment, it is close at hand. This enables you to have both hands free for your task. Additionally, you don’t have to worry that your supplies are touching the counters, tank lids, toilet backs, etc. So there you go…hygienic, convenient & efficient!
Have you already tried this with your OstomyPocket? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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What tips do you have for changing your ostomy bag in public restrooms?
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