Jeanne & Jim, OstomyPockets owners

Hi, this is Jim and Jeanne (brother and sister team) and we are so happy you are visiting our site!   Our goal is to help ostomates wear their ostomy pouches more comfortably with the OstomyPocket support.  We would like to share our story of how we became a part of the ostomy community.  Here is how it all began.

Our father had an ileostomy in 1975 at the age of 45 due to ulcerative colitis. After his surgery, not only was he adjusting to his body functioning in a new way, but he was also dealing with the discomfort of his ostomy pouch rubbing and chaffing his leg, moving too much, and pulling on his stoma. All of this was annoying and disrupting to his daily routine and his sleep. Our mother, wanting to help him, designed a “pocket” which she sewed into his boxers. This alleviated the problems and he used these “pockets” easily and comfortably for 37 years!

Our Mom was urged by health care professionals back in 1975 to make a business of her “pockets” as there was a need for them. However, raising 4 kids and then a Parkinson’s diagnosis at age 60 got in her way! Dad lived so normally with his ostomy pouch and “pocket” that the “pocket” business idea was all but forgotten. Until, that is, our dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Again he was back in contact with many health care professionals that saw his ostomy pouch “pocket”. Surprisingly, he got the same reaction about the “pocket” 37 years later–“We haven’t seen anything like this–you should market these–there is a real need!”

Sadly, we lost our dad in February of 2013 (unrelated to his ileostomy). He was a vibrant man who always wanted to help everyone and make their lives a little easier in any way he could. To honor him and continue his legacy of wanting to help others, we looked into marketing our mom’s “pockets”. In our research, we found the company, OstomyPockets was for sale. We loved the functionality, versatility and simplicity of the OstomyPockets so decided to purchase the business that Joe, the original owner, had started (see Joe’s story below). It is our hope to help other ostomates, that are looking for a solution to the problems our dad experienced early on, by introducing the OstomyPocket solution!

All our best to you!

Jim & Jeanne
Ostomate Family Members

Here is Joe’s story (inventor of OstomyPockets).

In May of 2009 I received an Ileostomy due to ulcerative colitis. After months of the ostomy bag swaying, moving and irritating my skin and other body parts, I came up with the OstomyPocket. After testing several prototypes, this snap on and off style was chosen because it is the most comfortable, and is washable and re-usable. In addition to underwear, this will help at any ostomy location as it can also attach to light pajamas and/or t-shirts.

Wearing this at night now allows you to turn from one side to the other without the bag swaying around. It is safely positioned within the OstomyPocket. When going to the bathroom, since the Ostomy Pocket is attached to my underwear, it is never in the way of emptying my ostomy bag.

In addition, personally having a few, I leave the OstomyPocket attached to my underwear so it goes into the washer and dryer together. This was just easier since ostomates have other things to change and lineup when required. It is one less thing to prepare for during a change.

Good luck to all,
OstomyPockets Founder