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Are you looking for a solution to: 

   — keep your ostomy pouch from moving and swaying?

   — keep the skin under your ostomy pouch dry and free from irritation?

   — keep your ostomy pouch still at night so it won’t wake you up? 

Would you like an easy to use, soft and comfortable solution?

Then OstomyPockets by B-Lo Solutions is the answer for you!  

What is an OstomyPocket?

An OstomyPocket is a unisex attachment that snaps through your undergarment or other lightweight fabric (such as pajamas, hospital gowns, etc) to support your ileostomy, colostomy and/or urostomy pouch/bag and provide a protective barrier for the skin.  Its versatility and functionality allow you to position the OstomyPocket where it best supports your individual ostomy pouch/bag.  The fabric is very soft and lightweight, wicks away moisture and has some give to it.

        NO SEWING             NO TAPE             NO STRINGS             NO BELTS

2014-05-13 23.05.38
Above snap strip attaches through your undergarment onto the OstomyPocket which is inside your undergarment. Your ostomy bag/pouch can then be inserted into the OstomyPocket.



  • Unisex & universal
  • Prevents swaying of your ostomy pouch/bag
  • Helps avoid skin irritations and wicks away moisture
  • Adds additional support for your ostomy pouch/bag without touching or pulling on the stoma
  • When you are ready to empty your ostomy pouch/bag,  there is no need to remove the OstomyPocket.   Since the OstomyPocket attaches to your underwear,  it goes where your underwear goes.
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Pocket can be left on your underwear during washing and drying cycles


  • Use with ostomy pouches/bags (Ileostomy, Colostomy or Urostomy)
  • Snaps through underwear, light pajamas, hospital gowns, t-shirt, etc (pocket inside your fabric; snap strip outside fabric)
  • Attaches straight up, diagonally, or sideways

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