Are you looking for a solution to: 

   — keep your ostomy pouch from moving and swaying?

   — keep the skin under your ostomy pouch dry and free from irritation?

   — keep your ostomy pouch still at night so it won’t wake you up? 

Would you like an easy to use, soft and comfortable solution?

Then OstomyPockets by B-Lo Solutions is the answer for you!  

What is an OstomyPocket?

An OstomyPocket is a unisex attachment that snaps through your undergarment or other lightweight fabric (such as pajamas, hospital gowns, etc) to support your ileostomy, colostomy and/or urostomy pouch/bag and provide a protective barrier for the skin.  Its versatility and functionality allow you to position the OstomyPocket where it best supports your individual ostomy pouch/bag.  The fabric is very soft and lightweight, wicks away moisture and has some give to it.

        NO SEWING             NO TAPE             NO STRINGS             NO BELTS

The snap strip (shown above) attaches through your undergarment onto the OstomyPocket holding the OstomyPocket in place.  The OstomyPocket is inside your undergarment. Your ostomy bag/pouch can then be inserted into the OstomyPocket.   


  • Unisex & universal
  • Prevents swaying of your ostomy pouch/bag
  • Helps avoid skin irritations and wicks away moisture
  • Adds additional support for your ostomy pouch/bag without touching or pulling on the stoma
  • When you are ready to empty your ostomy pouch/bag,  there is no need to remove the OstomyPocket.   Since the OstomyPocket attaches to your underwear,  it goes where your underwear goes.
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Pocket can be left on your underwear during washing and drying cycles


  • Use with ostomy pouches/bags (Ileostomy, Colostomy or Urostomy)
  • Snaps through underwear, light pajamas, hospital gowns, t-shirt, etc (pocket inside your fabric; snap strip outside fabric)
  • Attaches straight up, diagonally, or sideways

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